Bibliography, etc. (for a PDF version please click here)


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(These can be acquired separately)

Blue Voyage, 1927. Recounts a personal experience in which he was traveling by ship to England to find a woman he was in love with, only to run into her on board. Rich Joycean inner monologue.  Recommended.

Great Circle, 1933. Circular form, excellent inner monologue.  Recommended.

King Coffin, 1935. Psychological thriller; would make a good movie. Recommended.

A Heart for the Gods of Mexico, 1939. Aiken’s contribution to the “Mexican” novel, to go along with Lowry’s Volcano; fine writing but not a successful story.

Conversation, 1940. May have been personally important; not a successful story.   


The Collected Short Stories of Conrad Aiken. Cleveland and New York: World, 1960. Includes the much-anthologized, beautiful story about a young boy going insane: “Silent Snow, Secret Snow.”  Highly Recommended collection.

Mr. Arcularis: a Play. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1957. From the short story of the same name.

Ushant: An Essay. New York: Duell, Sloan, 1952. An autobiography.  Highly recommended.

Scepticisms: Notes on Contemporary Poetry, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1919. Examines the work of Edgar Lee Masters, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, John Masefield, among others. Highly recommended.

Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken. Editor, Joseph Killorin, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1978. Killorin was a professor at Armstrong Atlantic University and a very close friend of Aiken in the last years of his life in Savannah.  Excellent selection, with introductions to each section which form a biography in itself.  Highly recommended.

The Letters of Conrad Aiken and Malcolm Lowry. Editor. Cynthia C. Sugars. Toronto: E.C.W. Press, 1992. Here is the map of their intimate fellowship, in letters and in life.  Highly recommended.


AIKEN  Biographies

The Melody of Chaos, a study of Conrad Aiken’s poetry. Houston Peterson. New York: Longmans, 1931. The best biography. He came to know Aiken and undertook to take the reader through Aiken’s work with generosity and sensitivity. As well as a biography of a complex man and poet, it is a literature course in itself. Highly recommended.

Conrad Aiken, Poet of White Horse Vale, Edward Butscher. Athens, Ga: University of Georgia Press, 1988. Detailed, more on “personal” man, perhaps slightly didactic and academic for some tastes.  Only carries his story to Aiken’s maturity. Planned next volume never materialized.

Lorelei Two, My Life with Conrad Aiken. By Clarissa M. Lorenz. Athens, Ga., University of Georgia Press, 1983.




Collier, Graham:  The Day of the Dead/October Ferry/Symphony of Scorpions/Forest Path to the Spring/ BGO Records, 2011

The Bix Beiderbecke Story/ Proper Records, Ltd., 2003

Catherine Delaunay: Sois Patient Car le Loup (Be Patient For the Wolf)/ Les Neuf Filles de Zeus, 2011




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