Conrad Aiken and Malcolm Lowry




The engine sounds used by the antichoir were recorded on the S/S Norskar, a Swedish ship built in 1910, and converted from coal to oil in 1953.  As of 2008, it was still in service.  MP3 file provided by Martin Looter.



The following publications were used for Leo’s PowerPoint presentation and are indicated by italicized initials in the captions as follows: PF: Pursued by Furies; MLB: Malcolm Lowry, a Biography; SC: Sursum Corda; IV: Inside the Volcano; VD: Vancouver Days.  See Bibliography for more information.


The three film clips used are taken from “Volcano: An Inquiry”. . . See “Lowry Related” section of Bibliography.



The instrumental “Forest Path to the Spring” used in Leo’s talk of the same title was taken from the Graham Collier disc listed in the Discography.


All other incidental music was taken from “The Bix Beiderbecke Story” listed in the Discography.


The song “God Loves a Drunk” was written by Richard Thompson.



Bread and Puppet Theater, Laura and Justine Pizzo, Travis Miles, Wendy Melton, Brittany Tufts, Sarah Shartzer, Emily Barnas, Bobby Hughes, Jeanne Mc Dougall,  Bob Zentz, Peter Stampfel, Sally Timms, Martin Billheimer, Jon Langford, Tonya Craig, Jonathan Whittle, and Dennis Potter.


Thanks to Eric Darling at eThree Media for video production, and Michael Gaster + Associates for light and sound.