Jon Langford                                       The Voice of Captain Emir Kusturica

Minnie Axe, F.U.D.                              Herself / Antichoir

Mollie Despard, F.U.D.                       Herself / Antichoir

Sally Smits, F.O.B.                              Herself / Antichoir

Martin Looter, Santo Oficio              Himself / Antichoir

Syrah Pompador                                 The Imp of the Perverse / Antichoir

Lily Rimbaud,  M.O.F.A.Q.                  Herself / Loopy Tech

Leo Rimbaud, O.T.O., L.S.M.F.T.        Himself

Juliet Schroeder                                   Stage Manager/ Digital Realizations

Brittany Tufts                                       Lights

Tonya Craig                                          Stagehand I

Jon Whittle                                           Stagehand II

Bobby Hughes                                     Stagehand III



Conrad Aiken and Malcolm Lowry





Entry of the Antichoir

A Message from Captain Emir Kusturica

Introductory Comments: Leo

Malcolm Lowry Biography: Leo & Lily

Lowry’s “Epitaph”: An original setting for ukulele by Peter Stampfel

An Aiken / Lowry Catechism: Minnie & Mollie


Under the Volcano: Leo & Lily

Aiken / Lowry Cut-ups: Minnie & Mollie


Martin and Sally Present

Through the Panama & The Forest Path to the Spring: Leo & Lily

“Our Bungalow of Dreams” 

Fox Trot and Dancing for All


The Feral Scholars Present: O My Aiken Lowry a literary cabaret


An original multimedia performance piece commemorating the lives, works and relationship of Conrad Aiken and his friend and protege Malcolm Lowry, author of "Under the Volcano."