Subject: A Little Ditty

Published: April 2001

By: Tom Simpson


I wonder if any of the guys remember this little ditty we used to sing to the tune of “A Capital Ship” while on mid-watch at sky forward.  Ensign Bergan was our watch officer and a good morale booster.


“We are the crew, condition3, watch 2

of Jolly Old Sky Forward.

We do our tasks and nothing ask

No matter the job so hard.

Keep a weather eye up to the sky

For the search of foreign planes.

When the going’s tough, they call for us

We’ve salt water in our veins.

SOOOOOO let the Nazies come, we’ll put

them on the run ---

No palooka in a stuka can ever shake

our nerve.

We are a jolly crew, we have a job to do.

When the going’s rough, they send for us

Until they sound G.Q.


Tom Simpson