Subject: Christmas Day, 1942

Published: May 1996

By: Lyle Davis


Paul Sullivan (“N” Division) called me last week to say he well remembers leaving Brooklyn Navy Yard Christmas Day, 1942.  As he recalls, we got underway around 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and the temperature was in the low teens or single digits.  A stiff wind was blowing causing a windchill factor to be well below zero.  Pea coats, watch caps and face masks were the order of the day.  Imagine what those friends and loved ones were enduring standing on that bridge for perhaps hours, just to wave goodbye to us.


Paul says he can’t make it to this year’s reunion but he wanted me to pass on his best wishes to all.  Paul recently underwent a pacemaker transplant and he is reluctant to travel.


Lyle Davis “N” Division

1940s Brooklyn Bridge Postcard

Brooklyn Bride Postcard

c. 1940s