Subject: Entrapment in Radio 3

Published: January 1997

By: Bob Garmy


I guess we can all agree that we have had some unusual weather this winter and possibly we’re not out of it yet.  My yeoman said we had enough for a newsletter regardless of the weather.  Meanwhile I’ve a little story that has been on my mind for some time.  You may be interested.


During the time of the entrapment in Radio 3, Clark, Costa, Lowes and myself wondered if we would ever get out.  All agreed we should write a letter home, which we did.  (We still had flashlights.)  I had an empty glass jar which we would use to protect the letters on the assumption that somebody, sometime, would find them and somehow our families would get them.  The jar was put in the left drawer of the operating desk and had rags stuffed around it.  I never thought of those letters and believe it may be true of the others.  Clark, Costa and Lewes – can you add anything to this story?


Bob Garmy