Subject: Looking Back

Published: January 1997

By: Cdr R G Langland


It is hard to look back more than 58 years to when we stood on the dock in Philadelphia to go aboard to put the Savannah in commission.


I spent over 4 years on the ship – 2 years in the Radio Transmitter room and 2 years flying as radiomen 1st class in the SOCs. . .


I have attended only one reunion, the 12th, in San Diego.  However, I do enjoy the Savannah newsletters.  She was a great ship and a fine crew, and many hundreds of memories including my being picked up by an old WWI 4-stack destroyer when I ended up in the Atlantic Ocean when we lost SOC #1187 on April 13, 1942 flying with Lt(jg) Anderson.


I retired in May 1966 after spending 30 years active duty in the US Navy.


Some expense money is enclosed.


Cdr R G (Bob) Langland



USS Bernadou (DD 153)

USS Ludlow (DD438)

Rescue destroyer at the Invasion of Sicily

Courtesy of US Navy Bureau of Ships