Subject: Plank Owner

Published: May 1999

By: Robert Langland


I am a plank owner and spent 4 ½ years on the Savannah, 2 ¼ years as RM in “C” Division – Transmitter Room and 2 ¼ years as ARM in “V” Division – SOC Aircraft.


Looking back on 30 years of active duty in the Navy, those years on the Savannah were some of the best.  As a radioman in the SOC Aircraft I had some of the most unforgettable experiences.  The last of which took place about a week before I was transferred to the Radio Material School.


LTJG Anderson and I went down in the Atlantic.  Lost the aircraft.  An old WWI four piper destroyer arrived several hours later.  I was hauled up by rope over the side of this old rust bucket and we were returned to the Savannah.  I flew the next day.


RM1/c EJ True relieved me as senior radioman when I left the ship.  Am enclosing a check.


Robert “Bob” Langland CDR USNRet



1938 Crew

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Courtesy of Frederick L. Schultze, 1-Div