Here are 11 local environmentally friendly businesses.  We would love to add to this list!  Please contact us with information on your favorite local business who is making strides to help our environment.


Established in 2014, Service Brewing is a veteran-owned and operated craft brewery dedicated to giving a portion of their revenue to charities that support service men and women and first responders.  Since their inaugural opening they have raised over $30,000 for local, regional, and national organizations.  Service Brewing is also environmentally consciences and use re-useable six-pack applicators which are 100% post consumer recycled material.  They also have plans to install solar panels later this year to reduce power consumption.   


The Sentient Bean café goes to great lengths to lessen its environmental impact.  All of the coffee is 100% fair trade, organic, shade grown, and roasted in small batches.  The food is thoughtfully sourced often featuring seasonal produce from the Forsyth Farmers Market, and all of their catering packaging is made of environmentally friendly material.


When the Green Truck opened in 2010 they soon became a favorite spot by locals for their fresh farm to table approach.  The motto at Green Truck is “nothing worth doing is ever easy.”  And for this reason they:

  • Source all of their grass-fed all natural, hormone free beef from a company in Brooklet.

  • Serve small-batch coffee from Perc Coffee Roasters in Savannah.

  • Serve craft beers produced by small American craft brewers.

  • Recycle everything they can: glass plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and cooking oil.

  • Compost food waste when possible.

We also hear that the staff at Green Truck only offers straws if you ask (psst – don’t ask).


At Forest and Fin you will find “functional nature inspired apparel” made of sustainable, yet also biodegradable, materials which are sourced from ethical companies.  For their printed designs, Forest and Fin uses water-based non-toxic inks.  All of their items are packaged with recycled, reusable or biodegradable natural materials.  Even more impressive is Forest and Fin’s commitment to donate a portion of their profits to environmental conservation efforts. 


North Beach Grill, located on Tybee Island, serves local, sustainable seafood alongside the freshest ingredients. In order to keep Tybee beautiful they recycle all of their cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass and plastic.  They use environmentally friendly disposables and their used cooking oil is converted into biodiesel.  To save energy, they have a tankless water heater, low temperature dishwasher, and infrared heaters.  Take-out boxes are compostable, and they recently started using paper straws!


River’s End Campground on Tybee Island has won two “Plan-It-Green” awards from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds over the past couple of years. The environmentally friendly features at this site include: motion-sensor lighting, energy-efficient appliances, rain barrels, beach reclamation, CFL bulbs, recycling, pervious hardscape materials and xeriscaping.  The campsite is owned by Tybee Island. 


DIRTT, an acronym which stand for “Doing It Right This Time” is a manufacturing facility which produces contemporary, flexible, modular interiors.  Due to their devotion to the environment they “mitigate waste, energy and sprawl” through their manufacturing methods.  In the first five years of DIRTT’s operation in Savannah, they prevented more than 65 million pounds of manufacturing waste from ending up in our landfills.


Feeling lucky? Try shopping at a national grocery chain that gives back to local non-profits. When you bring your reusable bags to Lucky's you receive a wooden dime for each bag used.  You then have the chance to donate that dime to a local nonprofit organization that focuses on either Healthy Living, Youth & Education, Resilience, or Sustainability.  At the end of the quarter, Lucky's doubles the amount raised. 


Film Biz Recycling is a 501 (c) 3 that accepts donations of re-usable raw and commercial materials from various sources in the entertainment industry.  They then separate these items into four areas: prop rentals, retail, items to donate to local Savannah charities, or items to be disposed of responsibly.  Film Biz Recycling moved to Savannah from Brooklyn in 2017.  While operating in Brooklyn they diverted around one million pounds of items from landfills and received the Environmental Quality Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sorry Charlie's

Sorry Charlie's is Savannah's premier oyster bar whose specialty is fresh local seafood paired with southern regional flavors.  Another specialty is their commitment to our coastal environment.  As stated on their website, Sorry Charlie's is "done with plastic."  Paper straws have replaced plastic ones and their traditional plastic to-go cups have been replaced with corn-based plastic cups which are biodegradable.  They have also replaced styrofoam containers with paper-based containers.  So enjoy a dozen on the half-shell at Sorry Charlie's and feel good about their efforts to protect our waterways!

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