Captured Africans, 1805


WHEN THE Wanderer landed on Jekyll Island it delivered 407 Africans to the Georgia coast, but shortly after its arrival all 407 captives had seemingly disappeared from the area.  Consequently, there was no "human evidence" during the trial to support that the Wanderer was a slaver.


Throughout Savannah it was suspected that Charles Lamar had something to do with the Africans landing and disappearance, but little proof.  In fact, there was hardly any physical evidence to support the Wanderer's journey at all.


After the Africans were delivered to Jekyll Island, the Wanderer was transformed from a slaver back to a luxury yacht.  The chains and decks that held the Africans captive for almost two agonizing months were removed, and the ship was scoured with lye and vinegar to remove the stench of the Middle Passage. 



(Image: "Captured and Enslaved Africans in Chains," 1805, *image reference: spil04)