I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures.  - Jane Austen

For 200 years the commanding mansion designed by William Jay on Savannah's "Court End" has been held as the "William Scarbrough House" when it was actually owned and operated by two Scarbrough women, Julia Scarbrough (William's wife), and Charlotte Scarbrough Taylor (their eldest daughter). Mother and daughter were both intelligent and strong-willed - two qualities not necessarily appreciated in the fairer sex of the 19th century. Given their departures from the 19th century's socially accepted gender role for women in the South, they were often portrayed by their male contemporaries in a one-dimensional fashion - of little substance or depth, but dangerous

This exhibit examines the one-dimensional legacy of Julia and Charlotte Scarbrough, provided via the social and patriarchal biases of their time. 19th century silhouettes are implemented to represent this legacy overlaid with historic and contemporary quotes which when looked at with contextual insight and without a 19th century prejudice will provide a deeper meaning - materializing the women for who they really were.